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[accordion-item title=”How Much Time Does It Take To Receive My Account”]

If You Pay Via Paypal Or Crypto Once Your Payment Is Confrimed . You Will Receive Mail From Us With Login Details Or Check My Orders . If U Paid Via Paytm/UPI Please Let Us Know In Whatsapp / Live Chat With Payment Proof And Order Id . 

Everything Went Right But Didn’t Receive Account ? Contact US 

[accordion-item title=”My Account Stopped Working . What Should I Do”]

Thats Rare .Kindly Contact Us With Your Order ID Or Payment Proof .If You Still Have Warranty We Will Replace You With New Account . Contact Us Via Facebook , Whatsapp ,  Find Contact Details Here Contact PAge

[accordion-item title=”Wanna Buy Bulk . Any Discount ?”]

We Have Special Plans For Resellers . Please Contact US